Inspired Questions

Preserving Families, Perpetuating Legacies

The Inspired Questions app is being used as a tool all over the world as business meeting icebreakers, communication games for family meetings, or just for fun at social gatherings. It all starts with a great question!


Dave is a pursuer of Inspired Questions™. He is a family business consultant, speaker and writer on topics surrounding family business and generational wealth. His work has been featured in Businessweek, Successful Farming Magazine and The New York Times. Dave is the father of five young children and is married to his best friend, Taneil.

Taneil is the mother of five active children and the wife of a dreamer. She is a university-educated woman that has chosen to invest her talents in the home. When she isn’t chasing 5 children she is a writer, proofreader, sounding board and voice of reason in the entrepreneurial process.

ERIK RALSTON - Programmer
Erik is a web and mobile developer in Richland, WA. When not building beautiful mobile apps, scalable web applications, and entrepreneurial communities, he's raising his three daughters with his lovely wife Morgan.

Josh graduated from BYU in 2008 with a degree in Graphic Design. He is an aspiring polymath and is currently focused on multi-media design and delivering high-end audio-visual shows for major corporations. Josh is married to Sarah and they have three little girls.

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