Inspired Questions

Preserving Families, Perpetuating Legacies

The Inspired Questions app is being used as a tool all over the world as business meeting icebreakers, communication games for family meetings, or just for fun at social gatherings. It all starts with a great question!



Preparing to become an effective missionary is all about believing and becoming converted to the message that you are teaching.  Inspired Questions For Missionaries is designed to get people of all ages to reflect on your beliefs and give you opportunities to express your feelings about what you believe. An “Inspired Question” can bring understanding, deepen your testimony and even pave the way for families, quorums and classes to grow together as you use Inspired Questions For Missionaries.

Inspired Questions For Missionaries is being used all over the world in families, church classes, seminaries, and missions to encourage testimony development and conversion through expression of beliefs and feelings. You can even share your favorite Inspired Questions For Missionaries via Messaging, Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.  This revolutionary app even allows you to capture a video response to an Inspired Question For Missionaries so you can see the progress and development of your testimony and share those videos with the world.  It can also be used as an interviewing tool to record the responses of family and friends. 



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